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Predictions for 2019

Here are our Graphic Design Trends: Predictions for 2019:

Pantone Colors for 2019

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute releases the hottest colours for the upcoming year. They predict the colours consumers will crave the most and what will most likely appeal to our emotions and desires.

For 2019, some of Pantone’s choices were inspired by “fetish foods” that wow. These are varying shades of spicy reds, purples, and oranges that allude to foods like peppers, chocolates, fruits, and desserts.


While minimalism and flat design have been experiencing their heyday, 2019 will help them continue full speed ahead.

There’s enough digital clutter and information overload, and minimalist graphics is a much-welcomed respite. Simple, straightforward elements can help catch attention in a world full of over the top advertisements.

Designers would do well to eliminate any distracting elements from their designs that take away from the core message. In 2019, you can say more with less.

Less is often more when it comes to graphic design because less clutter means it’s easier to convey your message.


Blogs and websites, in particular, may become more scattered with design experimentation. Things may end up where you wouldn’t expect them to be on a screen. Breaking old patterns while forgoing creating new ones is likely to be a norm next year.

It’s not a bad idea. It gives users a reason to make new discoveries and venture off the beaten path. It’s also sure to be a strong test for a company’s content quality and UX alike.


The gradient trend has been come and go, going from hot ticket item to fading off the charts and back again. This year consider this trend at the top of its game.

Color transitions are evident in many other graphic design trends, which means gradient will once again find appeal among consumers. As designers are using a more varied approach to colour and transitions, gradients will likely see a slight makeover in how and when they’re used.

Veering away from the ombre effect, modern gradients will use a greater variety of colour to make any background come alive.

Galactic Effects

Keeping pace with the rise of digital, mobile, and modern technology, 2019 will be the year of the galactic effect.

Space travel and planetary discoveries have been hot topics in science and government (bring on the Space Force!). So it’s no surprise that out-of-this-world design elements are being brought down to Earth.

Blue and Violet Hues

Sticking to the galactic trend, the use of electric colours like blues and purples will likely surge. Deep colours that lend to the digital and galactic era offer a modern appeal and will look rich and bright on mobile device screens.

Wave Effects

The wave effect became popular earlier this year, and it looks like it’s here to stay for another trip around the sun. This unique effect is placed over an image to make it look purposely damaged or distorted, almost like a glitch on a television screen.

The wave effect can be used on whole images or just on small portions to create the desired effect.


Metallics have seen their fair share of upward trending days this decade, and 2019 will make them stronger and bolder than ever. Thanks in part to corresponding trends like gradients and galactic effects, metallics are poised to make a huge comeback.

During previous experiments with metallics, modern printers at the time were ill-equipped to adequately transfer these unique effects onto paper or other substrates. Devices also weren’t able to properly display them, so their effects were largely lost. That isn’t exactly the same case today, as device resolution and printing capabilities have each gained some improvements.

Duo Tone

Duo-toned images remain a bold way to make a statement and earn attention, especially if those tones are ultra-contrasting. Think bright magenta or teal blue with a sunny yellow. The two-toned colours can make certain elements pop over others while adding depth and dimension to the image as a whole. It’s a quick way to grab attention and remains hard to overlook.

Text Overlays

The meme culture is stronger than ever, which is one major reason why text overlays are so effective. As stock photos continue their steep decline, adding custom text to images and graphics create instantly shareable content. Everyone from bloggers to social media experts are using this style and it’s not fading anytime soon.


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