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Who We Are

Allow us a minute to tell you about Plural and the people who made it happen.

The founding of Plural included a merger between Belove Digital Agency and Perceptive Solutions. Plural has a strong focus on both multimedia design and technology solutions, from individuals all the way up to large corporates. We are a design and technology provider, whose sole purpose is to invest in its customers, employees and company values.

Graphics Director

Evee Dodgson
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Our graphics director Evee Dodgson comes from a strong design background, first completing her bachelor of arts at the Design School of Southern Africa and then moving on to complete a course in website development at Vega College. Throughout the years Evee has designed and built some of the most elegant and responsive websites for the world’s biggest brands such as DGB, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Starbucks, and many more. Following her love and passion for Design Evee founded her first design agency Belove with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and creating timeless designs, which are modern and creatively unique. Starting small and growing fast her company became an overnight success and within under year Belove was working with some of the largest international brands such as Reckitt Benckiser, Durex, TransAct and Disprin.

Our technology director Robert Pilkington left school at a young age to follow his passion for everything and anything tech. He started working in the retail technology industry at the age of 16, this sparking his interest in technology he then went on to complete various courses in the technology field and achieving certifications by Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and Google. With a strong understanding on customer satisfaction and an in-depth knowledge in technology, Robert founded Perceptive in 2010, a technology company that had a strong focus on creating wholistic technology solutions for individuals, households, small businesses and corporates. The Perceptive brand has grown to become a leader in the technology space by offering its customers a complete solution to all their IT needs.

Technology Director

Robert Pilkington
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