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Tech Services

We offer affordable per hour and once off support for all your computer and networking related problems.

Site Survey Free

Have one of our certified network installers survey and recommend what infrastructure will work bet for you and your business.

Telephonic Support R300

Get telephonic support at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Workshop Support R300

In house support done at our company premises with our industry leading equipment and server infrastructure.

Remote Support R600

Allow our support technicians to logon and support your systems from anywhere in the world.

Onsite Support R700

Call outs are billed from the time of arrival at a customers premises and will be billed up until our technician leaves the customers premises.

Networking R1000

Our per hour network fees include the cost of high-grade shielded cable, trunking, connectors, boots, patch leads and multiplug surge protection.

Consulting R1000

Allow our experienced technicians to provide guidance, knowledge and experience on bespoke and complicated solutions, installs and integrations.

After Hours Price On Request

Plural never sleeps and we are a viable for all types of service 24/7 rates will be doubled for all after hours work.

Damage Assessment R1000

Get professional assessment done onsite by one of our qualified technicians. This fee includes your assessment report that can be sent directly to your insurer for remuneration.

Operating System Setup R1000

Allow us to configure and setup your Operating System.

System Service R1000

Professional air blow out of fans and PCB. CPU heatsink is manually removed cleaned with alcohol propylene and new high-grade thermal paste is reapplied to ensure constant CPU temps on both your desktops and laptops.

Operating System Reload R1000

We format your device or system and reload your required Operating System.

Operating System Upgrade R1000

Upgrade your previous version of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS or Android.10

Data Back Up R1000

All data is first scanned for viruses and malware before being backed up onto our redundant servers.

Hard Drive Clone R1000

Create a duplicate image of your original hard drive, this includes the operating system, data and settings.

Back Up Format And Setup Operating System R3000

Complete and thorough data backup, format operating system, reload and setup of your system.


We supply all leading international laptop manufactures.

Hardware components

We supply chassis, power supplies, motherboards, CPU's, RAM, and more.


We supply keyboards, mice, monitors, speakers and more.


We supply windows, office, antivirus, malware, adobe and more.

 Billing is charged as soon as support is given. Plural cannot be held responsible for any data loss whatsoever.

If you are looking for a custom service that isn’t listed, please send us an email and we will send though a quotation. Terms & Conditions apply. Prices are subject to change.

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